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Urban and timeless ballet flats for cosmopolitan women

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Our ballet flats are inspired by the most fascinating places in the world. They all have a story behind: London, Zürich, Shanghai… Discover them!

My Sweet London

Days of Wine in Eltziego

Summer Palace Beijing

Summer Palace Beijing

Limmat Sidewalk

Locarno Spotlight

Shanghai Skyline

Design principles

Ava Costa’s ballet flats are handmade in Spain. They are designed to be worn, happily, all day long day and in any occasion. We follow the principle “No Compromise Design”, which means that we always use what is best, no matter the price.

We focus on a few products and make them really well. That’s why we only offer two silhouettes: one pointed and one rounded (coming soon). That allows us to focus our effort in order to make sure we offer the best.