Our Story

Ava Costa was born in 2018 with the vision that all the women of the world, have an option to dress in an elegant and cosmopolitan way, in any occasion.

Behind the birth of Ava Costa, there is me: Ana Eva Costa 🙂 The idea was evolved slowly, from two fundamental pillars that have shaped me as a person.

The first is the family legacy. My parents migrated to Bilbao in the 50s. My father was a shoemaker and started making custom-fit shoes in a small workshop. Thanks to his dedication and know-how, the business prospered, and my parents opened their own shoe store in our neighborhood. Later, my brothers followed the family tradition and opened their own shoe stores in Bilbao.

The second is my passion for exploring the world. When I was a child, I traveled all over Spain and to some European countries with the Choral Society of Bilbao. As an adult, I moved to London on a whim and from there (adventures of life), I ended up living in Switzerland, where I stayed for 7 years. There I completed my training as a fashion consultant at the Swiss Textile Fashion Institute, and worked at a luxury firm in Zurich.

I took advantage of any spare time I had to travel around the world. And there was a ritual that I always repeated: choose a model among my small collection of ballerina shoes. With them, in any city in the world and on any occasion, I could dress in an elegant and comfortable way: no matter the country, the weather, the season or even my clothes.

At some point, I realized that ballet flats were the kind of shoes I used most. And that was also trued for many of my friends and clients. In fact, the ballet flats were the type of footwear they used on a daily basis and there was only something that prevented them to use them more often: it is difficult to find the right model.

That’s why I thought that all sophisticated, urban, independent women who love to travel, learn about new cultures and visit fascinating places, should always have an option to dress in an elegant and cosmopolitan way.

And that took me back to Spain, where we have the best shoemakers in the world…

Design and Philosophy

Ava Costa’s ballet flats are designed for urban, elegant and cosmopolitan women. It is not necessary to travel to wear them, however, anywhere they go, our clients always have them at hand.

These are the principles we follow:

  • We always use the best materials. No Compromise Design: never compromise the quality for the price.
  • We focus on a few products and make them really well.
  • Our ballet flats don’t narrow down your choices when it comes to clothes. Elegance flows from your shoes, but these should not limit the clothes we can wear.
  • Elegance requires comfort. To look elegant, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed. We keep that in mind.
  • Elegance is timeless. You will always be able to wear our ballet flats, no matter the season
  • Elegance requires happiness. To be elegant, you need to feel happy. We will do everything we can to make it so.
  • Elegance is universal. Our ballet flats are made so you can look elegant in any city on the planet. In fact, they are inspired by the most fascinating places in the world.